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WATCH: Jesse Watters Just Cleared Trump’s Name With 1 Sentence. Liberals Are FURIOUS.

Lately, President Trump has been the target of many.

The biggest swings of them was the Democrats calling upon Trump’s impeachment.

Luckily, we have one man to stand up to them all and defend President Trump’s honor.

Enters Jesse Watters. According to Angry Patriot Movement, Watters recently appeared on the show “The Five” on Fox News. In this short segment of “The Five”, he managed to completely crush the Democrats by saying one sentence. The “only thing Trump has obstructed is Hillary moving in to the White House,” stated Watters. Boom. Watch him in action in the video down below.

He then went on to get into details about Trump’s impeachment. The thing the Democrats want to prosecute President Trump for is the so called “Comey Memo”. As all of you already know, James Comey was the former FBI Director which President Trump fired for not doing his actual job.

In his “memo” Comey makes a statement that during a private dinner he had with Donald Trump, our president asked him to drop the investigation regarding Michael Flynn and Russia. Apparently with his actions President Trump has obstructed the U.S. justice system.

But nobody has actually seen this “memo” with their own eyes. All they have are assumptions, made by medias such as The New York Times. But for a minute, let’s be honest, the last time I read a realistic report from them was a few months back. That’s a long time of lying and reporting false stories. In fact, neither the New York Times reporter who actually reported this story hasn’t even seen or read this document of Comey. So how can we believe them?

But even if this report turns out to be true, which it will not, Trump has not broken any law nor has he committed a crime of some sort. James Comey said so himself, when he was making a testimony in front of the U.S Senate.

Well, James Watters managed to reveal the real reason behind the liberal media’s attacks on Trump. And I think it is obvious now that he mentioned it. He won the 2016 U.S. elections. That’s it! He beat Hillary Clinton at her own game! Politics! And he is doing a tremendous job so far. But just wait, he is only getting warmed up.

What do you guys think of the corrupt mainstream media? If you could say one thing to their face, what would it be? Comment down below!

God bless America and the American people!


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