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Bobby Knight “We Have a POTUS Who Loves This Country!”

In a wide-ranging interview with Fox News‘ Jesse Watters this weekend, Knight voiced his support for Trump’s patriotism, said that the president did the right thing by firing FBI Director James Comey and shared why he disliked the Barack Obama administration.

Knight told Watters he wasn’t someone who cared about political affiliation or political parties, but instead praised Trump for his love of country.

“We have a president of the United States who loves this country. Let’s do what’s best for America. He’s here to make sure that America is as good as it can be,” Knight said.

As for Comey, Knight said he didn’t believe the firing was politically motivated.

“It seems to me the office of the president of the United States is responsible to have the best people possible in all jobs,” Knight told Watters. “All he’s doing … is trying to put the very best person (in the FBI) available.”

When asked about complaints from the Democrats over Comey’s firing, Knight was equally blunt. “Wouldn’t you expect the Democrats to b**** about it?” the coach said.

When it came to Barack Obama, Knight wasn’t nearly as kind.

“That last administration played more golf than it did working for the American public,” Knight said. “That was one thing, the past administration left four American men to die in that Benghazi situation and it goes on, on and on with things like that. I will guarantee you one thing: There isn’t going to be that kind of bulls*** in a Donald Trump administration.”



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