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Unbelievable Change in Public’s View of Trump Presidency

President Trump received a pleasant surprise this past week, when the presidential approval ratings came in, showing it was higher than his previous one, that 50% of the American public approves of his work as president in the past couple of months, while 50% of voters which are highly likely to be liberals, disapproved of his decisions, despite jobs, economy and international relationships blooming.

And now, reports show that for the second time, Mr. Trump has received good news this week, when the reports came in and he was at the top of the approval ratings list, having a higher score than every other leader in Washington. The mainstream media of course, refuse to share this and do everything in their power to cover it up and make it seem as the people oppose Trump, despite the nation’s political officials ratings claiming otherwise.

According to the Zogby Analytics poll, the most recent approval rating of President Trump places him above Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer, House Speaker Paul Ryan, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

But that is not all – his ratings are even higher than Congress.

The only person with an approval rating higher than Mr. Trump is Defense Secretary James Mattis, with 43% over Trump’s 41%.

This is yet another success for President Trump and his administration, as more and more people are realizing the fact that the president is working FOR the people and doing GOOD for the nation, unlike the news and stories the mainstream media spread.


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