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Rush Limbaugh Calls Out Fox News For Helping Sabotage Trump

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh is disgusted with how the witch hunt against President Donald Trump has not gone away but has instead escalated, with the help of America’s predatory and opportunistic mainstream media.

 Limbaugh said that Fox News also shares responsibility for this situation that has gotten out of control and is harming President Trump’s ability to carry out his agenda for restoring America. Rush called the conservative network out for the way they have played into the hands of the left and their narrative about the investigation.

Rush criticized Fox News for suggesting that special counsel Robert Mueller could investigate Trump for obstruction of justice. Explained Rush, “There isn’t any obstruction. A president cannot be tried for obstruction of justice, not in a civil-criminal situation. Maybe impeachment, but we don’t even have that here. These thresholds have not been reached. But while that’s the narrative, some sneaky little thing happened on Fox I haven’t seen too many people talking about, and it happened today. It was this morning. It was after ten o’clock.”

He continued, “Fox News reported that special counsel Robert Mueller has made no final decision on Trump or if Comey’s firing is even worthy of being investigated. So we have two instances here also in the Drive-Bys — well, Fox News, arguably, depending on when you hear it could be considered Drive-By Media. I mean, I hate to say it, but in certain places Fox News does have people that would qualify.”

Rush detailed how “everything Trump’s done has been constitutional.” He said, “You know, Alan Dershowitz is about pulling his hair out on TV over this claiming that the left and everybody is trying to criticize, impeach, hound out of office a president who’s done nothing but exercise constitutional authority.” He was referencing how attorney Dershowitz detailed on CNN, “The president of the United States should not be subject to criminal prosecution for merely exercising his constitutional authority.” Do you think Fox News needs to stop playing into the hands of liberals?


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