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California Governor Jerry Brown Got Bad News About His Illegals

The State of California is the biggest liberal state in our country. They bash President Trump for everything he does. Well now, President Trump’s new budget proposal will hit them where it hurts as it will give them a new reason to whine about.

The LA Times reported:

For all of the unprecedented elements of President Trump’s federal budget plans, there is an item buried in the list of detailed spending cuts that have a familiar, continuous political legacy in California.

Trump has proposed canceling federal government subsidies to states that house prisoners and inmates who are in the U.S. illegally. He is not the first president to try it and undoubtedly will get an earful from states like California. Trump, mind you, is not the first to propose this – it is proposed almost every budget. And every time it faces a big fight. Even from Republicans.

Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger did his fair share of complaining about skimpy federal funding. In 2005, he and a bipartisan group of western U.S. governors demanded a boost in the prison aid program to a total of $850 million. That did not happen.

For the past decade, Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, both proposed to cancel this kind of program. President Trump’s budget proposal cut on this program will probably save us somewhere around $210 million.

And if somebody hears a liberal whining about how Trump is doing things the wrong way, remind him that his idol Barack Obama tried to cancel federal aid to state prisons that house illegals just like Trump is doing at the moment. But the liberal mainstream media definitely is not going to report stuff like that.

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