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Ex-GOP Member Sues Trey Gowdy

An ex-GOP House Benghazi Committee investigator has served Chairman Trey Gowdy with a big lawsuit.

He is investigating on Gowdy regarding the Hillary Clinton case, accusing him of criminal termination and defamation.

Brad Podliska, an Air Force Reserve Maj., noted that he was removed from the position back in June, as he decided to take leave for active duty. Moreover, Podliska added that he was dismissed since he declined to continue with the investigations against Clinton and the State Department.

According to the panel, he was fired because of misbehavior and mishandling classified information.

Typically, Benghazi Committee stood against these claims right away.

He refused the accusations of interfering with classified information, adding that he was only getting intel from “publicly available sources from the internet.”

Chairman Gowdy, personally and through his agents, tied these defamatory statements to Podliska’s firing to damage Podliska’s reputation and his ability to seek or secure employment in his chosen field, depriving Podliska of his rights under the constitution, – is stated in the filing.

Three more staffers were under investigation for the same accusations, but none of them was found guilty.

Ultimately, Plaintiff was the only one of the four accused of the trumped-up security violation to be reprimanded by the Majority Staff or subjected to any adverse employment action, – is also in the filing.

According to the reports, Podliska wants Gowdy to face sanctions for false accusations and does not want any money.

Podliska is now going after other staffers, Phil Kiko for example.

he was also in a fight with Lt. Gen. Dana Chipman, who used to be an Army Judge Advocate General.

I know you have your post-attack piece. But, only right wing nut jobs care about that, – Kiko said about Podliska, according to the filing.



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