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Trump Administration DESTROYED Hawaii Judge With This EPIC Move

It has been reported by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Friday that the Justice Department will request for the Supreme Court to obstruct a judge’s ruling that stopped President Donald Trump’s travel ban from being enforced to grandparents of U.S. citizens and refugees being resettlement agencies have already put this in procedure.

It has been mentioned in a statement by Sessions that the administration would “reluctantly return directly to the Supreme Court” in a bid to overturn the decision made on Thursday by a U.S. district judge in Hawaii, that limited the range of the administration’s temporary ban on refugees and travelers from six Muslim-majority countries. The  DOJ could start filing papers with the high court on Friday.

“By this decision, the district court has improperly substituted its policy preferences for the national security judgments of the executive branch in a time of grave threats, defying both the lawful prerogatives of the executive branch and the directive of the Supreme Court,” said Sessions.

It was said last month by the Supreme Court that the ban could begin, however that people with a “bona fide relationship” to a U.S. person or entity could not be prohibited from entering the country.

The administration had interpreted that statement roughly, stating the ban would concern grandparents and other family members, triggering the state of Hawaii to ask Hawaii-based U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson to broaden the definition of who could be authorized.

“The truth here is that the government’s interpretation of the Supreme Court’s stay order defies common sense,” stated a lawyer with the American Civil Liberties Union involved in challenging the ban, under the name of Omar Jadwat. “That’s what the district court correctly found, and the attorney general’s misleading attacks on its decision can’t change that fact.”

The application of the administration’s could be addressed either to Justice Anthony Kennedy, the person responsible for western state emergency requests, or to the nine justices altogether. The conservative-oriented Supreme Court is currently out session, however, the justices can deal with emergency requests.

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