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Just In: Top Trump Enemy Arrested At Border

Donald Trump promised to secure our southern border with Mexico. During his campaign, he promised to build a wall on the border in order to stop illegals immigrants who bring crime and drugs from entering our country. If he secures the border, the crimes associated with the Mexican cartels will be cut in half which would be a great thing for our country.

Fortunately, one recent arrest may help in decreasing the crimes related to the Mexican carte;s. Damaso Lopez-Serrano, the highest ranking member of the Sinaloa drug cartel, was arrested at California’s Calexico West Port of Entry. He is also known as “Mini Lic.” His arrest was confirmed by the US Department of Justice.

Lopez-Serrano was wanted by US officials after he was arraigned in a San Diego court on August 19, 2016, on charges of importation, distribution, and conspiracy involving controlled substances, Christian News Alerts reports.

Serrano is the godson of the Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman as well as his right-hand man. Serrano reportedly turned himself in because he was struggling with the Sinaloa cartel. However, investigators still have to discover how much drugs Serrano and his associates smuggled in our country. Serrano and his organization have been laundering money and distributing narcotics in our country.

This is a huge victory for the Trump administration because the Mexican cartels will have less power in the United States from now on.

Christian News Alerts reports: The Sinaloa cartel is the largest drug cartel in the world. The group currently controls the fertile soil of the Sierra Madre mountains, where the cartel pays Mexican farmers to grow marijuana, cocaine, and other illicit drugs. 

The Sinaloa cartel is also responsible for more than 100,000 murders in a decade. The cartel also controls Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez, violent cities on the border with the US.

Christian News Alerts reports: When the Mexican Drug War officially began in 2006, Sinaloa’s control of the Mexican drug trade was threatened by a new gang made up of former special forces soldiers known as Los Zetas. This three-way war, pitting Sinaloa against Los Zetas and both against the Mexican government, has contributed to unprecedented bloodletting. Just this May alone, more than 2,000 homicides were recorded, thus making it one of the deadliest epochs in Mexican history.

It appears that Sinaloa won the war against Los Zetas, who couldn’t handle the money and the firepower that Sinaloa has. However, Los Zetas still control some territories in Mexico. The war actually increased the homicide rates in Mexico.

Now that Serrano is arrested, Mexico and America can work closely together in order to fight the cartels. We need the wall on the southern border so guys like Serrano can’t enter our country.


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