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Pope Francis Sends Urgent Warning To Every Republican Who Supports Trump

Pope Francis crossed the line again. The liberal Pope or the black pope as some people call him, is representing the biggest disappointment of the Catholic Church and probably the entire Christianity after the reformation.

Pope Francis wants to mix up religion and politics. He is also involved in many suspicious stories. He also doesn’t support our president. He called all of his followers ‘bad Christians’ because, according to him, every single one of us is supposed to help and welcome the immigrants and the so-called refugees.

“It’s hypocrisy to call yourself a Christian and chase away a refugee or someone seeking help, someone who is hungry or thirsty, toss out someone who is in need of my help,” Pope Francis stated as reported.

As reported by Bipartisan Report, Pope Francis has most likely been the most politically engaged Pope since we can remember, and his freshest statements regarding President Trump’s brand new ban on Muslims proves that point.

Namely, Pope is referring to President Trump in order to say what every liberal wants you to think, and that is that you can’t be a true Christian while banishing refugees. Pope Francis bashed President Trump while giving a speech to a crowd of German Catholics and Lutherans: “the contradiction of those who want to defend Christianity in the West, and, on the other hand, are against refugees and other religions.”

“This is not something I’ve read in books, but I see in the newspapers and on television every day.”

“The sickness or, you can say the sin, that Jesus condemns most is hypocrisy, which is precisely what is happening when someone claims to be a Christian but does not live according to the teaching of Christ. You cannot be a Christian without living like a Christian.”

“You cannot be a Christian without practicing the Beatitudes. You cannot be a Christian without doing what Jesus teaches us in Matthew 25.”

Pope Francis wants to send a clear message to everybody. He made his decision. He is not going to serve for the greater good of the humanity, of all Christians and God, but he is going to serve the unclean and his representatives on this world. That’s sad, don’t you think? Vatican is rich enough to collect all immigrants and refugees in the world and make them live on Vatican’s expense for 10 generations. Vatican’s so rich they won’t even feel the loss of a couple of trillion dollars.



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