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Hollywood Heavyweight Just Publicly Destroyed Michelle Obama

Barack Obama was the biggest fraud that ever lived in this country. Of course, that his wife Michelle Obama won’t be so different than him. She often now talks how she served great as a first lady but we all know that this is a lie. She did nothing but spending the tax- dollars on her lifestyle. After seeing how people are not buying her words anymore she decided to play the victim card.

Michelle changed her opinion fast and now she tells the country how being the First Lady was hard for her. One of the people who refused instantly to co- cry with her was the Hollywood actor James Woods. Daily Sentry reports: Last week, Michelle gave an interview in which she whined about the “racism” she faced as First Lady:

“The shards that cut me the deepest were the ones that intended to cut,” Michelle told. “Knowing that after eight years of working really hard for this country, there are still people who won’t see me for what I am because of my skin color.

It is unbelievable how these people use their skin color for everything they do. Oh and also the lies that she worked hard? We are not buying it! Daily Sentry issues: Keep in mind that this is the same woman who once said that she was never proud of the U.S.A. until her husband was elected president.

After hearing Michelle’s whining, Woods immediately fired back on his Twitter page.

Woods and all those who share the same opinion are right. We won’t be sorry for this lady’s actions at all. Both she and her husband are not the ones who say they are. You need to stop giving these people such a big support. They do not deserve it. They never even cared about us.


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