Tuesday, September 26, 2017
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KISS Frontman Gene Simmons Humiliates Hillary Clinton On National TV

Hillary Clinton has been going around blaming everyone for her embarrassing loss in the 2016 election. She’s been on the road promoting her new book What Happened by Hillary Rodham Clinton. Ironically, it’s one of the only books to ever contain a question and the answer to the same question on the front cover. Most recently, Clinton has been pissing off fans at book signings and complaining that the electoral college system should be scrapped. In any case, KISS singer Gene Simmons has had just about enough of her whining, as Faith Family America is reporting.

Clinton got crushed by Trump in the electoral college but won the popular vote, as she and her supporters won’t stop repeating. In an appearance on Fox News Simmons explained why this is totally irrelevant.

“It’s President Trump. Some people like him, some people not. But you have to respect the Electoral College and the people of America, and they duly elected the man,” Simmons explained. “Now by the way for everybody watching Fox News, if you have a point of view and you don’t agree that’s great. Don’t fight with each other. Let’s all be Americans. Next time there’s a vote, vote with your conscience.”

But he wasn’t done yet.

“By the way the founding fathers were smart, you can draw the curtains and it’s nobody’s damn business who you vote for,” Simons said.

Zing. Hillary must’ve felt that one. She just got schooled by a glam rock reality TV star. Didn’t she also lose the election to a reality TV star who millions of Americans like much more than her? What is it with this woman?

What do you think of Gene Simmons’ comments, do you agree?