Tuesday, September 26, 2017
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Susan Rice Admits Why She Unmasked Trump Officials

On Thursday, the former National Security Advisor, Susan Rice admitted to lawmakers , that she unmasked the identities of top Trump administration officials, even though earlier she denied knowing anything about it.

On March 22, the PBS Newshour‘s Judy Woodruff asked the former National Security Advisor about allegations that Trump transition officials were swept up in surveillance of foreigners at the end of the Obama administration. Susan Rice at the time responded with “I know nothing about this.”

Last week, Rice explained to the House intelligence committee that she had unmasked Trump transition team members in an effort to understand why the Emirate crown prince was visiting New York late last year.

According to Rice, the Obama administration “felt misled” by the United Arab Emirates, who had not mentioned that the crown prince was visiting the country.

Rice’s confess also proves that Trump officals were caught up in surveillance of a foreign target, confirming President Trump’s suspicions that his transition team was being surveilled.

“Is this some kook sitting in his living room communicating via the internet, offering to sell something he doesn’t have? Or is it a serious person or company or entity with the ability to provide that technology perhaps to an adversary? That would be an example of a case where knowing who the U.S. person was, was necessary to assess the information,” Rice said, during her April interview

At this point Susan Rice has lied and contradicted herself so many times that one must assume everything she says even under oath is a big lie. That mindset, and disregard for truth and the rule of law, is a perfect reflection of both the Obama administration and the deep state bureaucracy. It needs to be exposed, punished, and eradicated.

Is anyone shocked that another Obama administration member lied? Eight years of lies on every level. Do you think that many t of them need to face charges and serve years in prison? Share this post on Facebook and Twitter along with your comments.