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Anthony Weiner Afraid Of Getting Beat Up In Jail For Pedophile Charge

Anthony Weiner is terrified of what awaits him in Brooklyn’s hardcore prison.

Weiner and his lawyer begged the judge to spare him from the notorious Metropolitan Detention Center, where Weiner is likely to get a “beat down” due to his pedophile status.

In reality, Weiner is using this as an excuse to try to get probation rather than doing any time in prison, where he will likely spend his incarceration in segregation, due to his “celebrity” status.

The prison system knows that “high profile” inmates, such as Weiner, attract trouble from other prisoners, and will keep him segregated to avoid controversy and a potential lawsuit.

Weiner’s lawyer knows this, and is playing up the “he’s scared of prison” angle in hopes of a more lenient sentence.

The disgraced Democrat politician has also said that he feels his sentence was extra harsh due to his being “famous,” and implied that the judge wanted to use him as an example to “send a message” to others.

From TMZ

Anthony Weiner will probably be viewed as a pedophile and therefore a major target for violence by other inmates … and THAT’S why he wants to avoid serving time in a hardcore Brooklyn prison.

Weiner’s lawyer damn near begged the judge NOT to send him to the notorious Metropolitan Detention Center. Our sources say Weiner is freaked out because inmates there dole out their own brand of justice against convicts serving time for crimes against children. The disgraced former congressman, of course, pled guilty to sexting a 15-year-old girl.

The MDC’s no joke. It houses drug dealers and organized criminals, and beatdowns and sexual assaults are rampant. As one source put it, Weiner would be taken to the brink.

We’re told Weiner will likely serve time at a low or medium-security facility.

One possibility is Otisville in New York … considered a cakewalk because of its dormitory-style housing. The Bureau of Prisons will ultimately have the final say where Weiner gets locked up.

He must surrender by Nov. 6.

We reached out to Weiner’s attorney, Erin Monju, who declined to comment.


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