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Kathy Griffin Claims Trump Violated her ‘Human Rights’ Over Severed-Head Photo

Kathy Griffin is now accusing President Trump of “human rights” violations because he didn’t think her “severed-head” stunt was funny.

Griffin initially apologized for the disturbing stunt, after people were horrified and outraged by seeing images of Griffin holding a blood-soaked, severed head of President Trump.

Now, Griffin is desperate for attention and work, and is crawling out from under her rock as the “anthem controversy” heats up, in a pathetic attempt to seem relevant by painting herself as a “victim.”

From Washington Times

Kathy Griffin, once-upon-a-time comedian, has not only done a 180 on her apology for a photo of a bloody decapitated mock head of the president.

She’s actually come out and accused the president of “human rights violations” for — at root — not finding the photo funny.

Can’t make this stuff up, folks.

“I took a picture that you or anyone of your friends could make,” Griffin said, in an interview with the Guardian. “I put it online and was under federal investigation for conspiracy to assassinate the president of the United States of America. I didn’t do anything wrong. It’s insane and I truly believe if it happened to me it could happen to you.”

Well, that is perhaps true — that what happened to Griffin in terms of drawing fire from Trump, his family, the feds and the country could indeed happen to anyone else who held up a faux bloody head of the president, snapped a picture and sent it around social media.

But the better way to look at it might be this: Few others in America would even think of doing that.

So in that respect — no, Kathy Griffin, no. What happened to you would not happen to just anyone else, because hardly anyone else would be sick enough to think a bloody head of the president constitutes humor.

Griffin told the Guardian she’s the victim of “sexism and ageism,” though.

“I was vilified by everyone,” she said, referring to the loss of her New Year’s Eve co-host duties on CNN, the cancellation of several planned live comedy shows, the investigation by Secret Service into her life and the widespread condemnation from Americans and Trump family members alike. “I was vilified by Chelsea f—ing Clinton. I was vilified by my friend Don Cheadle. I was vilified by people I’d had at my f—ing home. Nobody had my back. It happened so fast. I didn’t see it coming.”

Griffin ultimately apologized for the “disturbing” photo.

In a video, she said: “I sincerely apologize. … I’m a comic. I cross the line. I move the line then I cross it. I went way too far. The image is too disturbing. I understand how it offends people. It wasn’t funny. I get it … I beg for your forgiveness.”

Well, that didn’t last.

Now Griffin’s accusing Trump of “human rights violations” and vowing revenge. Say what?

“I will openly accuse the president of the United States of human rights violations,” she said. “You know, my whole life and career has been championing the rights of women, gay folk, and disenfranchised folk. This administration is a f—ing nightmare for us.”

Right. ‘Cause anyone who can’t understand why holding up a bloody head of the president is funny is obviously both humorless and discriminatory against comics.

Note to Griffin: If you have to explain the joke, it just ain’t funny. Moreover, those who don’t laugh aren’t human rights violators.


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