Judge Jeanine Has a Direct Message for the FBI – People Need to be ‘Taken Out in Cuffs’

Jeanine Pirro is calling for handcuffs for Andrew McCabe, Deputy FBI Director, who has been exposed as a Clinton shill and is being investigated for a host of unprofessional behavior.

“There is a cleansing need in our FBI and DOJ,” said the Judge, who said that the agencies needed to be purged of individuals who, as she stated, needed to be taken away “in handcuffs.”

The judge also called out Peter Strozk, the disgraced FBI agent who was recently fired from the Mueller investigation team for anti-Trump bias.

Bruce Ohr and James Comey, both high-ranking federal officials with the DOJ and FBI respectively, were also mentioned by Judge Jeanine, whom she slammed for their “softball” handling of Hillary Clinton.

Judge Jeanine did not leave out Robert Mueller, another former FBI Director and “Special Counsel” who is now leading a witch-hunt investigation to try to impeach President Trump, nor did she spare Christopher Wray, current FBI Director who is refusing to cooperate.

After watching the FBI and DOJ allow Hillary and her cronies get away with egregious criminal actions, Americans are furious as the blatant anti-Trump bias is further exposed, and are demanding answers and actions.

Clearly, the Department of Justice and the FBI, under Barack Obama and James Comey’s influence, were allowed to become politicized and corrupted, and the American people deserve better.