Trey Gowdy Pours Cold Water on Dem Hopes to Further Investigate Trump

Democrats desperate to shift their impeachment thesis from “Russia collusion” to “sexual misconduct” just got some bad news.

Trey Gowdy made it clear that the House Oversight Committee will not be investigating sexual misconduct claims against Trump.

As reported by the Washington Examiner

Rep. Trey Gowdy, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, told Democrats the committee won’t investigate allegations of sexual misconduct against President Trump, but said he would refer their request to the Justice Department since the allegations constitute crimes.

Members of the Democratic Women’s Working Group, with the backing of more than 100 Democrats, sent the South Carolina Republican a letter calling for the oversight panel to look into allegations of inappropriate behavior against Trump — which has received renewed attention in recent days.

The letter outlined what Gowdy said were criminal allegations against Trump.

More than a dozen women have accused Trump of sexual misconduct in incidents that occurred before he was elected, including groping, forcibly kissing, and inappropriate touching.

“This Committee, nor any other Committee of Congress, does not, and cannot, prosecute crimes,” Gowdy wrote. “This is true for many reasons but especially true in crimes of this serious nature. Those alleging sexual assault or criminal sexual conduct deserve to be interviewed by law enforcement professionals, and charging decisions should be made by prosecutors based on the quantum and quality of the admissible and provable evidence.”

Gowdy said he sent a copy of the letter to the Justice Department, but with the understanding the agency doesn’t have jurisdiction over state law violations. Gowdy said the allegations the Democrats’ detailed in their letter constitute crimes that break state laws rather than federal laws.

Only in one instance, where Trump allegedly groped and forcibly kissed a woman aboard an airplane in the 1970s, may federal law enforcement be involved, Gowdy wrote.

Trump and the White House have denied the claims made against him, and the president on Tuesday said his accusers were fabricating stories.