Active Coup in America Exposed by Kellyanne Conway… Libs Freaked Out

Fox News Channel raised an interesting question recently. Is there a Coup in the United States? The mainstream Liberal media is in a frenzy since the question was posed. They have brought up the issue when interviewing Counselor to President Trump, Kellyanne Conway.
Fox News had Kellyanne Conway on Saturday’s evening show, and during the show it was revealed that the FBI has a serious anti-Trump bias which has been propagated by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team.

“Fox triggered liberals by tweeting a screen grab of Conway’s appearance on Watters World with the offending chyron and this message,” (h/t)

“.@KellyannePolls: “The fix was in against @realDonaldTrump from the beginning, and they were pro-Hillary… They can’t possibly be seen as objective or transparent or even-handed or fair.” @WattersWorld

Kevin Baron, Executive Editor of Defense, took serious offense to the allegations, stating “Coup?! I cover wars. Militaries. Actual coups. Where citizens violently rise up and kill each other for power over each other. This is alarmingly irresponsible language, even for Fox. Inflammatory. Baseless. Dangerous.”

It seems like there has been a serious nerve struck for Baron. He was sure to defend the FBI as it was at his house, which indicates to us that there is a possible connection.

Americablog’s editor, John Aravosis, tweeted, “Pizzagate, as silly as it was, led to violence. Imagine what the gun-nuts will do with the Fox Mothership telling them there’s a coup d’etat underway, and with Republicans in Congress and Trump’s own White House backing them up. Republicans are playing a very dangerous game.”

Then there was New York Times’ Trip Gabriel who was quoted saying, “Suggesting there is a ‘coup’ afoot – an illegal military action against a head of state – is extreme even for hyperbolic Fox.”

We can’t forget Evan McMullin, the 2016 independent presidential candidate, who tweeted out, ““A coup in America?” This is incredibly irresponsible rhetoric. It’s no surprise that the same network that still denies Russian interference for Trump, also uses this kind of language to describe law enforcement efforts to uphold the law and our sovereignty.”

It’s no secret that the FBI has been trying to pull one over on President Trump for a while. These new allegations against the bureau are extremely alarming. The FBI is an organization that was put together in order to protect the American people, and what are they doing to us now? They are lying to us for their own benefit. Do you think it’s likely that the FBI is staging a Coup on President Donald Trump?