Maryland Attorney General Seeks to Derail Probe Into Hillary’s Lawyers

Various Democrats around the country are doing whatever they can to protect Hillary Clinton and her team. The Attorney General of Maryland is even trying to stop the probe into Hillary’s lawyers.

The Washington Times reports:

Maryland attorney general seeks to derail probe into Hillary Clinton’s lawyers

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh asked the state’s highest court Monday to step in and derail an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s personal lawyers over accusations of destruction of evidence that could eventually lead to them being disbarred.

Mr. Frosh, a Democrat who was a Clinton supporter in last year’s election, also asked the high court to reseal the case to prevent public view of the proceedings.

He said it was unfair to David E. Kendall, Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson — the legal team that helped Mrs. Clinton peruse and delete emails from the account she used while at the State Department — that the accusations against them had become public even though they have yet to face any specific charges in Maryland.

Mr. Frosh said the real problem is that a crusading lawyer named Ty Clevenger has been allowed to push the case despite having no personal knowledge of the Clinton lawyers’ behavior, and a judge who ordered the investigation into the Clinton team to take place.