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UNBELIEVABLE: Everybody Saw The Mysterious LIGHT At The Very Same Moment Trump Was Giving A Speech! This Is A SIGN! [VIDEO]

At today’s Inauguration, the weather was cloudy with minimal showers. But, during the Inauguration a miracle happened. God just let a tiny place enough to light up Trump and the people that attended the Inauguration. Here is the amazing view from the capitol. As Trump was being sworn in, the clouds parted

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Look What Trump Did IMMEDIATELY After Landing In Washington

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDQpNhRMclE Last night, president-elect Trump landed in Washington D.C. to organize his inauguration weekend  with a party attended by some of his donors. According to the Daily Mail, Trump arrived at the Reagan National Airport with his key aide Kellyanne Conway around 8 p.m. Trump and Conway went to the Chairman’s Global

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